Making Disability Technology Possible

We are a disability technology catalyst organization.  We source and promote disability technology solutions and innovation, to inspire and foster increased independence.  

What We Do


Regional Tech:Festivals

Not conferences...festivals!  Cutting edge technology sessions and demos in a laid back environment.  Food trucks, breweries, massage, games, and more.  In person and virtual attendee options!

Launching Oct. 15th, 2018


Various national/regional in person training, online webinars, podcast, and Facebook Live educational sessions all on disability related technology innovations.

Launching July 120th, 2018

Tech:99 "Daily"

Disability Technology Resources

We are testing 99 tech ideas over several months and sharing them!  Almost daily, real world short disability tech implementation stories & ideas on Facebook Live, Zooms, and our Podcast.  Follow us on Facebook for details, to submit your ideas, and share your stories with others.

Launching Oct. 22nd, 2018

Disability Cocoon Tech:Huddles

In addition to our one day festivals we are also hosting many smaller intimate in person and online zoom learning sessions we call "Huddles".  

These are short and sweet learning and networking opportunities. You can attend in person on your lunch break, or from the comfort of your desk through our online meetings.

Oh, these are FREE.  Huddle up....make change happen!

These were designed specifically for:

- Provider agency employees

- Case managers

- Guardians/family members

- Other disability professionals

- Self-advocates

- Anyone interested in disability services


Various Cities & Online


See specifics below

Tech:Huddles - Schedule

Tomeah Health 

Utilizing Technology to Streamline Residential Supports - 8/24/18 - 12:00p Eastern 

 Zoom Online - Register

Disability Cocoon's Advisory Council Q&A - 8/31/18 - 12:00p Eastern 

 Zoom Online - Register

Conquering the Workforce Crisis through Innovation and Intervention- 9/4/18 - 12:00p Eastern     

 Zoom Online - Register

Telehealth & Health Management Tech - 9/11/18 - 12:00p Eastern 

 Zoom Online - Register

State of the States of IDD Tech - 9/17/18 - 12:00p Eastern 

 Zoom Online - Register

DODD Tech in Waiver Review (TENTATIVE) - 9/20/18 - 12:00p Eastern 

 Zoom Online - Register

Wynn Reeth Remote Supports - a Provider's Perspective - 10/10/18 - 12:00p Eastern 

 Zoom Online - Register

Emergency Response & Telehealth Systems - 10/19/18 - 12:00p Eastern 

 Zoom Online - Register

Remote Supports a Deep Dive - 10/30/18 - 12:00p Eastern 

 Zoom Online - Register

SafeinHome - Remote Supports - 11/8/18 - 12:00p Eastern 

 Zoom Online - Register

Junna Care - Care Management System - 11/13/18 - 12:00p Eastern 

 Zoom Online - Register

“TEC Doesn’t Have to be a Four Letter Word”  - 11/16/18 - 1:00p Eastern 

(Practical DIY Assistive Technology Solutions Lab)

 Zoom Online - Register      

 Attend In Person

Peace of Mind with a Smarter Pillbox - 11/28/18 - 12:00p Eastern 

 Zoom Online - Register


This is our main event....well not really, we have more surprises to come.  

We are inviting leaders in disability technology from around the country to bring you the latest and greatest innovation available.  This is our full day festival....not a conference, a festival.  Have fun while learning the latest and great in all things disability tech!  

Check this out

Tech:Fest Registration

What's your Tech:99 implementation story?

Your story could inspire someone else and improve lives!

Please submit your story about any tech implementation, so others can benefit from your experience.  All stories are welcome.  We are looking for real world solutions not just flashy high-tech successes.  Your story could change someone else's life.  Thanks!

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About Us

Founded by Dustin Wright who was one of the original pioneers of remote monitoring services back in 2006, and has worked in disability services/supports for 20+ years.  Dustin is joined by an advisory council made up of people that have been in the trenches for decades in disability services and technology.  

Disability Cocoon's goal is to be the resource where people come to learn, connect, explore, collaborate, and more.  We are a catalyst for a national disability technology movement.  We will probably always be changing into something new.  

In case you were wondering, we chose the name Disability Cocoon to represent a place to come for massive transformation into something better...get it, caterpillar to butterfly...cocoon.